International New Energy Summit 2023

The main goal of the International New Energy Summit 2023 is to accelerate the development of the domestic renewable energy sector by promoting sustainable, efficient, reliable, environmentally friendly, and technologically advanced energy generation. This includes supporting the establishment of renewable energy sources that are compatible with the environment, facilitating the transition to renewable energy, improving energy efficiency, raising public awareness, and promoting the adoption of new technical and technological innovations.

By furthering these objectives, Mongolia aims to receive substantial support and enhance cooperation to effectively address regional energy security, particularly in the context of sustainable development, and contribute to a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in Northeast Asia.

International New Energy Summit  2023

International New Energy Summit 2019

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International New Energy Summit 2022

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The 9th renewable energy forum

The National Renewable Energy Forum (NREF), the main official conference for renewable energy sector of Mongolia, has been annually organized since 2008.
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