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  • Discuss solutions to the challenges of greenhouse gas emissions reduction from energy production in Northeast Asia to support sustainable energy sector development in the region

  • Attracting the interest of international investors in Mongolia's energy sector by providing them with the necessary information will be important for the development of a sustainable energy sector

Summit topic


Policies and solutions

  • Energy transition

  • Northeast Asia: The Net-Zero region

  • Energy projects and legal environment challenges

  • Energy Cooperation in Northeast Asia: The Asian Super Grid

  • “A billion Trees” campaign: Reforestation Energy Solution

  • Goal implementation: 1.5 ° C by 2030 – Where we are ...?!

  • Opportunities to eliminate the use of fossil fuels in urban areas

  • Air pollution and health

  • The role of energy transition in Northeast Asia in mitigating global warming

  • Solutions to increase renewable energy share in distribution and transmission network


  • Green hydrogen production from solar & wind sources and its development in the Gobi region

  • High-capacity battery storage

  • Generating energy from waste

  • Transmission and distribution network upgrades and digitization

  • Greenhouse gas-free zones and settlements (smart grid)

  • Development of artificial intelligence in the energy sector

  • The regional solar and wind power plant prospects and development trends

  • High voltage DC transmission line (HVDC)

  • Greenhouse gas-free heat supply solution

  • Solutions to increase the participation of renewable energy in transmission and distribution networks

New markets and investments

  • Greenhouse gas-free energy financing mechanisms

  • Sustainable mining: Greenhouse gas-free energy supply

  • New energy sector investment policy reforms and changes

  • Tariff solutions: Project selection and feed-in tariffs scheme differences, pros & cons

  • Electric & hydrogen transportation current state, prospects, pros vs. cons, challenges vs. solutions

  • Opportunity to build a solar thermal power plant in Mongolia

  • Geothermal power plant development potential

  • Sustainable energy and blockchain

  • Energy storage solutions and investment opportunities

  • Hydropower plant and hydro pumped storage


Political, economic, and technical opportunities, bottlenecks, and solutions to the establishment of Northeast Asian Super Grid;


The conference is attended by over six hundred international and high-level local guests


Guest speakers